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Medicine Cards

Horoscope Reading

I also work as a fortune teller.
Tarot Cards, (Tarot History 26 years) Medicine Cards
I'm going to read in depth using western astrology.

Divination is

“To get closer to well-being

one of the tools"

I am leading with this motto.

<face-to-face session>


Shinjuku Ward, Shibuya Ward

Cafes at major stations in Minato Ward

☆ Every Monday

3 minutes walk from JR Okubo Station, 15 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku Station

Readings in session rooms are also available.

(women only)

JR Shinjuku Station

ZOOM, LINE, Skype, etc.

session available.

For applications and inquiries

CONTACT Please contact us☆

 WORDS You can also book here!
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